Proceeds from our concerts provide scholarships for talented music students and grants to local public school music programs, including the purchase of musical instruments for elementary and middle-school students in lower-income neighborhoods.

As a community partner with the Save the Music initiative, the Symphonic Band also contributes new and restored used instruments to the Palm Beach County School District in cooperation with the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County.

Instrument Donation Program

If you have an instrument that hasn’t been played in a while — maybe sitting in a closet collecting dust? — please consider donating it. Our Instrument Donation Program puts musical instruments into the hands of elementary and middle-school students who want to learn music. Please call 561-832-3115 or email us for more information.

Research shows that students involved in music programs have increased competencies to learn and excel in basic math, science and reading. The discipline to learn, practice and participate in various music programs also greatly reduces the risk of children dropping out of school.